Contract Rate Calculator

Here is a tool for calculating what you should charge as an hourly rate when working on contract equating it to an annual salary. It tries to make sure you account for all the normal business expenses you are likely to experience so that your rate should see you earn a true salary.

The spreadsheet contains some default values that are typical and are not necessarily figures that would apply in your case. You need to enter values that apply to your circumstances to get a more accurate estimate of the rate that matches what you want your annual salary to be.

Only change the cells that are NOT coloured YELLOW. The Green cell is your target annual salary. Change it and see how the rate is calculated. You can adjust the various values. If you don't need a value, zero it. If you add or delete entries, make sure that the ranges used are still valid.


The rate you ultimately use depends on a number of factors including the professional or technical service you provide, your particular industry, where you operate, and the like. As such, this information is intended as a guide only.  WAI Engineering makes no representation in any form as to the accuracy of the information contained in this calculator and accepts no legal responsibility or liability from the use of the results of this tool. Use of the results of this tool implies that you have used the correct information and verified the results as being correct and appropriate for your circumstances.

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Contract Rate Calculator 

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