Project Engineering

Many companies require Project Engineering services when they have new facilities built, or upgrade existing facilities. In most cases, they might simply contract the project out to a contracting company. This can cause concern as the contractor might not necessarily provide the services the company wants or needs. The company may not have the need to have a full-time Professional Engineer, however it is important that the services of an independent Professional Engineer are used to ensure that their interests are fully met. Too many times, companies have been significantly disadvantaged by contractors who want to get the project completed and maximise their return. This is almost always at the expense of the company.

If you were buying property, you would never consider using the services of the solicitor the vendor uses, so when undertaking a project, it is best to use the services of an independent Professional Engineer to act as your Project Engineer. This will ensure that you get the best outcome.

WAI Engineering has extensive experience in Project Engineering that covers over 30 years. This has shown how companies can be disadvantaged when they hand over total control to a contractor who is out to maximise their profit. It is not just the purchase price of a project that needs to be considered, but the on-going cost of owning and operating the facility that results.

Some examples of instances where companies have been significantly disadvantaged are:

No proper layouts done that result in equipment being delivered and having to be modified to get it to fit;

Electrical and control cabling that are not identified making maintenance a nightmare;

Piping and ducting not identified to indicate flow direction or contents;

Electrical and piping drawings using symbols that are not to the Australian Standards;

Inadequate electrical drawings that do not show cable identification;

Process flow drawings either missing, or when done do not have flow rate information shown;

Valves and devices not identified on drawings or in the field making it a significant safety hazard;

All these can be readily addressed and avoided by using Project Engineering services. It is important that you use Project Engineering services early in the life of a project. The earlier such services are used, the better the outcome will be.

Above all, do not subscribe to the principle of "Never enough time to do it properly; always enough time to do it again". It simply costs too much to do things this way.

Project Engineering is done on an hourly rate basis. Use the appropriate table for Ongoing Rates for the appropriate hourly rate.

Work is generally carried out on client's premises where adequate facilities are provided. Time is invoiced on a minimum fixed time basis as there is downtime and setup time involved. Typically this is per half working day, with a minimum charge for 3 hours.

Where site visits are required, these are charged at the standard hourly rate plus kilometerage, and it is conditional that free on-site parking is made available for a vehicle with a height clearance requirement of 1.96 m. All tolls and other charges are to be reimbursed.

If work has to be carried out at a remote site then all accommodation, meal, laundry, internet access and telephone costs will also have to be fully reimbursed.

Payment Schedule

Invoices are provided weekly and payment is to be made paid as per standard payment terms of 14 days from presentation of the invoice.

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