Price List as at February 27, 2019

Sheet Type and Size

Monochrome or Colour Line Plots (each) Excluding GST.

Colour Poster Plots (each) Excluding GST.

A0 - Bond



A0 - Tracing



A0 - Film



A1 - Bond



A1 - Tracing



A1 - Film



A2 - Bond



A2 - Tracing



A2 - Film



A3 - Bond



A4 - Bond



B1 - Bond



B1 - Tracing



B1 - Film



Prices subject to change without notice - EOE

Set-up charge: $ 15.00 (excluding GST). Delivery of completed plots by courier/Express Post: P.O.A.

Packaging & Handling (unless acceptable return packaging material is provided): P.O.A.

For prices above, are for payment terms up to 14 days. For all other payment terms contact WAI Engineering for a quotation before requesting any plotting.

Plot data formats supported PDF. AutoCAD DWG and DXF files can be plotted, providing ALL supporting SHAPE, FONT, and XREFed files are also provided. PDF or DWF files are preferred as the provided file is as the user intends it to be plotted.

An out-of-hours plotting service is available with prior arrangement.

Files to be plotted can be provided on CD, DVD, or sent via e-mail by attaching the files to the e-mail message.  When e-mailing files, the maximum combined size of message plus attachments is 5 MB, however it must be remembered that the attachments can increase in size by around 40% when converted for sending via the Internet. Please call if larger attachments need to be e-mailed for alternative arrangements to be made.

Plot files can be sent by attaching the plot file to a message to WAI Engineering at Support

Assistance will be provided to generate compatible plot files, and with e-mailing.