Process & Instrumentation Diagrams - P&ID's

WAI Engnieering has extensive experience in preparing P&ID's. Over the past 20 years around 1,000 such drawings have been prepared for various clients. Projects have ranged from ones in the Russian oil fields in Siberia where plant needed to be heated to stop it freezing up, through to projects in Africa and outback Australia where extreme heat had to be considered. The complexity of projects had ranged from relatively simple systems systems to provide filtered water for a pub or hotel, through to systems to provide potable water and purified process water for off-shore oil rigs.

Over the years, an extensive library of symbols has been developed as projects have had to be drawn to various international standards, as well as varying company standards. Commercial symbols libraries are also used. All such libraries are not distributable in DWG or DXF files.

If drawings are required as DWG and/or DXF files, this must be clearly stated before anything is agreed and before any work has commenced. If DWG or DXF files are required, then the client must provide all symbols libraries, setup templates, layer templates, pen colours:pen width mapping, drawing sheet borders, font files, linetype files, etc. Only information that is provided will be used in preparing the drawings. 

Also, the client accepts full responsibility for the interpretation of the drawings, as symbols and standards used may not conform to Australian Standards

Because of now having to work with unfamiliar settings and standards, there is a surcharge applied to the preparation of the drawings.

Process & Instrumentation Diagrams are prepared on an hourly rate basis. Use the appropriate table for Ongoing Rates for the appropriate hourly rate.


Work can be carried out on client's premises provided adequate facilities are provided to allow the work to be carried out there. Where work is done on client's premises, time is invoiced on a fixed time basis as there is downtime and setup time involved. Typically this is per half working day, with a minimum charge for 3 hours.

Where site visits are required, these are charged at the standard hourly rate plus kilometerage, and it is conditional that free on-site parking is made available for a vehicle with a height clearance requirement of 1.96 m. All tolls and other charges are to be reimbursed.

If work has to be carried out at a remote site then all accommodation, meal, laundry, internet access and telephone costs will also have to be fully reimbursed.

Payment Schedule

If there is an issue with payment not being made, this may see all work cease until the matter is addressed. If payment is not made by Direct Debit, then a cheque must be provided and cleared by the bank before a payment is considered as having been made.

If the cheque is dishonoured, the dishonour fee, plus any additional costs incurred by WAI Engineering will also be charged, and those additional charges must be paid before the particular milestone can be passed. Authorities will be notified where it is believed that deception is involved (eg: a cheque is issued when the issuer knows there are insufficient funds to cover the cheque).

Drawings will be submitted for approval as PDF files, however they will be watermarked and clearly marked as FOR APPROVAL ONLY. Use of such drawings is not advised as they may not contain all changes for the process to be clearly identified. Only drawings clearly marked as APPROVED should be used.

All invoices for works provided to the Building & Construction Industry are issued under the Building & Construction Industry Security of Payment Act - 1999.

Delivery of Drawings, Ownership & Permission to Use Drawings

Other than incidental drawings covering items that need clarification as a result of detailing, no drawings will be provided other than at the milestones set out above. All drawings remain the property of WAI Engineering until such time as ALL amounts invoiced are paid and cleared by the bank. Permission to use the drawings is only given once ALL amounts invoiced are paid and cleared by the bank. This permission will be provided in a formal document and will be for the specified project only. Use outside these conditions would be considered a breach of intellectual property rights and will be pursued.

Communication & Acknowledgement

All communication shall be in English and in writing. This can be by letter, fax, or e-mail. All e-mails are to be acknowledged by using the reading receipt function of an e-mail client. Where the e-mail client being used does not support a reading receipt, the recipient of an e-mail must manually send a reading receipt. Faxes sent do not require any acknowledgement, however letters should be simply acknowledged unless sent by registered mail. This applies to all parties. 

Telephone calls can be made, however nothing can be actioned until it is confirmed in writing (i.e. letter/fax/e-mail).

Making telephone calls on a daily basis to check on progress is NOT acceptable.

Office Hours

Where work is carried out on client's premises, office hours will be adjusted to match the client's normal office hours.

Office hours are strictly 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. Contact is only to be made during these times. Actual hours worked may be outside these times.

Prices subject to change without notice - E&OE

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