Ian A. White, CPEng.

I completed a professional qualification as a Mechanical Engineer at the Bendigo Institute of Technology in 1974. In 1978 I joined Engineers Australia as a Graduate Member, and became a Corporate Member in 1980. I since became a Chartered Professional Engineer, and a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland, and in July of 2015 I was elected as a Fellow of Engineers Australia.  I have worked in a variety of engineering companies allowing me to gain a wide experience including the bulk of my engineering experience being in Materials Handling of one sort or another, and Computer Aided Design in its various forms.

Light bulk handling experience was gained while working as a senior detail draughtsman for JayBee Engineering, with heavy bulk handling experience having been gained while working as an engineer for companies including McNiece Engineers, Planner West, Noyes Engineering, and Babcock Engineering Australia.  While working for these companies, I developed a belt conveyor design program, with a unique feature of this program being the calculation of the material profile on the belt when loaded on an incline.  The output of this program has been tested on a number of projects, and has been found to be one of the best predictors of belt use.

From 1983 to 1987, I was Product Development Engineer with Dexion (Australia).  Apart from development of products, duties included certifying all non-standard applications of Dexion products, and included the design of shelving and components for the Pick'n'Pay Hypermarket in Aspley (Brisbane), and the design of the high-bay racking for the Mobil warehouse in Melbourne where frame loads were of the order of 26 tonnes.  Other products included the development of a raised storage area system.

I was introduced to CAD in 1981 when Planner, West installed one of the first ComputerVision CAD systems in Australia.  Then in 1985, Dexion purchased AutoCAD version 2.52, and I have used all versions up to AutoCAD 2006.

Since 1991 I have run WAI Engineering where I have specialised in CAD, where I have prepared over 4,000 drawings for the water treatment industry and for the manufacture of crusher wear liners. I also provide the CAD support for a company that manufactures kit cabins and homes, and I have documented process facilities for the manufacture of herbicides and food additives.

I am the holder of a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110).

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