Draughting Services

WAI Engineering offers its services to prepare drawings for you, and has extensive experience in preparing all types of drawings from machine design and component drawings through to electrical and piping schematics.

All drawing is carried out using licensed software, and in accordance with the Australian Standard for Technical Drawing AS 1100 (as amended).

Quality Assurance procedures are followed and extensive records are kept allowing a full history of any drawing to be obtained.   Sound backup procedures are used so that client confidentiality is maintained while ensuring essential security of data.

Use the appropriate table for Ongoing Rates for the appropriate hourly rate.

Where a request is made for Draughting Services to be provided without WAI Engineering having been asked to submit a quotation, all work is carried out on the basis that the WAI Engineering Terms & Conditions have been read and accepted unconditionally.

All invoices for works provided to the Building & Construction industry are issued under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act - 1999.

Contact WAI Engineering to discuss your draughting requirements.

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